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Parks Idle-Reduction Auxiliary Power Unit Cuts Emissions, Saves Fuel

The Parks Industries HP2000 auxiliary power unit from IronDirect drastically reduces machine idling, which cuts fuel consumption and engine emissions, and greatly extends machine life. The HP2000 can be installed in a wide range of equipment, including wheel loaders, excavators, cranes, milling machines, log loaders, trucks and more.

“An APU is an excellent investment that will quickly pay for itself with fuel savings and lower wear and tear on the machine,” said IronDirect President Tim Frank. “The Parks HP2000 provides ample cab power and keeps the operator comfortable with a 20,000 BTU heating and cooling system.”HP2000

The Parks HP2000 APU is driven by a two-cylinder Kohler or Perkins Tier 4 final diesel engine. The APU uses a miserly 0.11 gallons per hour to provide 12-24 volt or 28-volt DC power to the cab and 65 to 120 amp charging for machine batteries. Parks also offers The heat pump system delivers 20,000 BTU heating or cooling, providing operator comfort no matter the outside weather conditions. The system is especially useful with Tier 4 diesel engines. Too much idling on Tier 4 engines can clog the diesel particulate filter, requiring an expensive replacement. The Parks HP2000 is also perfect for use in Class 8 trucks, providing power and cab comfort while the driver sleeps. It can be installed in some machines in just one day.

The Parks HP2000 is the lightest, most fuel efficient APU on the market. By eliminating the need for the machine or vehicle engine to run in idle, it saves up to 90 percent on fuel. Installation can be done in a day or less, using Parks’ plug-and-play electrical design. The HP2000’s touch screen makes it easy to adjust temperature or change modes from climate control to battery monitor or storage.

“Any construction machine or vehicle that has high daily idle time will greatly benefit from a Parks HP2000 APU,” Frank said. “The hours saved on the machine’s engine will keep it in service longer, extend the warranty and save money. Those are compelling reasons to invest in an APU.”

The Parks HP2000 is available at the IronDirect e-commerce site at For more information on the Parks system, contact Rick Stacy, (404) 791-9382, or via email,

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Joe Hanneman, Director of Industry Engagement for IronDirect.

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