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Dynamic Duo: IronDirect Rolls Out Rugged Steiger/Miskin Pull-Scraper Combo



Call it the dynamic duo of earthmoving. The combination of the Case IH Steiger 4WD tractor and the Miskin pull-type scraper delivers a superior way to level, shape and move earth on all types of construction sites. IronDirect is launching sale of the Steiger 500HD tractor paired with the Miskin D-19 scraper as a cost-effective, profit-making alternative to bulky, expensive motorized scrapers. The announcement was made at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 trade show in Las Vegas.

“The tractor/scraper team has a long heritage in construction,” said Tim Frank, president of IronDirect. “We’re excited to offer this great solution to contractors across North America. The Case IH Steiger is a dedicated, purpose-built scraper tractor from one of the world’s premiere ag machine brands. Miskin has long been an innovator with scraper technology. This team offers a one-two punch that has no equal in earthmoving. It gets the job done with a much lower purchase price than a motorized scraper.”Miskin_D19_04_8952

Contractors have used tractors and pull-type scrapers for nearly a century to build levees, drainage systems, canals, building foundations, roads, airport runways and many other types of projects. As scrapers switched from the original mechanical models to hydraulics, the tractor/scraper team became widely used in earthmoving. Eventually, pull-type scrapers were overshadowed by lumbering, self-propelled motorized scrapers sold by more than a dozen manufacturers from iconic brands like Michigan, Bucyrus-Erie and Dresser. But as the number of motorized scrapers manufacturers has dwindled, the pull-type scraper is now enjoying a renaissance.

“The Steiger/Miskin team is an effective, efficient way to tackle all sorts of land-leveling jobs,” Frank said. “The Case IH Steiger scraper tractor is designed for the demands of construction sites, delivering the power, maneuverability and fuel-efficiency contractors demand. Miskin pull scrapers have rugged construction, engineered for quick loading and unloading, even in difficult soil conditions.”

One operator with the Steiger/Miskin combination can do the work of three machines with three operators using other earth-moving methods. It can load twice as fast as an excavator loading a dump truck. It does not require a support dozer to spread the dumped dirt. It rarely needs a push from a dozer — something common with large motorized scrapers. Based on labor costs, purchase price, fuel consumption, wear parts and mobilization, the pull-type scraper led by a scraper tractor is time efficient and profit friendly.

Steiger Has Power, Control
The Case IH Steiger 500HD articulated scraper tractor has massive heavy-duty axles, a 12.9-liter (787 in3) turbocharged engine, 16-speed power shift transmission and comfortable cab with 88 square feet (8.2 m2) of glass for commanding views of the job site. The tractor has a long wheel base and frame built of one-half-inch-thick (12.7 mm) steel. The planetary bar axles are 4.5 inches (114 mm) in diameter to support up to 56,000 pounds (25 401 kg) operating weight.CaseTractor-8222web

The Steiger 500 has a quick-attach, heavy-duty scraper drawbar. The hitch has a 20,000-pound (9072 kg) lift capacity. The 16-speed transmission has nine gears in the 3 to 8 mile per hour (4.8 to 12.9 km/h) work range for the smoothest shifting under load. The engine delivers a 10 percent power boost for maximum 550 horsepower (410 kW) to handle the toughest loads and most demanding conditions. A Diesel Saver™ feature optimizes the gear range and engine speed based on power demand.

The roomy cab is among the best found on any earthmoving machine. The seat swivels 40 degrees to the right to provide unobstructed visibility to the scraper. The most used controls are conveniently located on the multifunction control handle. The cab is ROPS/FOPS certified. The optional cab suspension system stabilizes the cab for a smooth ride, even over rough terrain.

“This is not an ag tractor simply hooked up to a scraper,” said Kevin Tanner, IronDirect’s manager of engineering. “It has rugged design, built and outfitted for construction work. It can easily tow two Miskin scrapers for outstanding productivity. Contractors will be impressed with its power and comfort.”

Miskin Scraper Productivity
The Miskin D-19 scraper has a 10-foot (3048 mm) cutting width and maximum heaped capacity of 19 cubic yards (14.52 m3). The bowl shape allows dirt to flow in easily, and 3-foot-long (914 mm) side skirts reach ahead of the blade to force dirt into the bowl rather than over the sides. High front ground clearance allows for deeper cuts and fast, easy loading. An optional serrated cutting edge easily penetrates hard ground. Four large 23.5-25 tires deliver excellent floatation for efficient operation even in wet, soft or muddy conditions.

The D-19 dumps in as little as 5 seconds, so the operator does not need to slow down or wait for the scraper to cycle. It dumps even on steep inclines; more than most ejector-type models. The large apron opening allows dirt to fall freely. Optional vibrator and bed coatings enhance dumping action. The blade remains stationary during dumping, so material passing over it can be spread thinly with a table-top finish.

The Miskin design places just a fraction of the scraper’s weight on the tongue, allowing for large load capacity within the tractor’s tongue-weight guidelines. Heavy shielding protects cylinders, valves, hydraulic lines and hoses when the scraper is top loaded by an excavator. Miskin Cushion Ride™ accumulators absorb shock when top loading. Optional brakes deliver safe control and stopping power for work on steep grades, at high-speeds or in a triple-train formation.

“We know this earthmoving solution will be popular with IronDirect customers,” Frank said. “The technology is right, the productivity is right and of course the IronDirect price is just right.”

The Case IH Steiger 500HD and the Miskin D-19 can be purchased on the IronDirect e-commerce site.

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Joe Hanneman, Director of Industry Engagement for IronDirect.

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