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Sakai Compactors Join IronDirect Product Lineup

IronDirect has added 12 Sakai compactors to its product lineup in the latest expansion of the world-class IronDirect construction equipment platform. Sakai products include jumping jacks, plate compactors, walk-behind rollers, and ride-on rollers for soil compaction and asphalt compaction.

“Sakai compactors are a great complement to our growing line of earthmoving machines,” said IronDirect President Tim Frank. “Sakai is known for quality and reliability. We’re confident our customers will appreciate the value these compactors bring to the job site.”

Sakai compactors are known for durability, performance and ease of operation.

All Sakai compactors from IronDirect include free shipping within the contiguous United States. The Sakai line includes:

SW354 Asphalt Roller — Weighing in at 6,525 pounds (2960 kg), the SW354 is designed for road shoulders, road maintenance, parking lots, driveways, municipal roads, tennis courts and bicycle paths. This roller features 47-by-27-inch (1200-by-675-mm) drums, chamfered drum edges for reduced checking, excellent visibility to the drums from the comfortable operator station, excellent curb clearance, dual-drum hydrostatic drive, 4,000-vpm (67-Hz) frequency, 6,520-pound (29-kN) centrifugal force, a 53-gallon (40-liter) sprinkler and 24-horsepower (18.2-kW) Kubota engine (no DPF regen necessary). The SW354 has an ECO mode for high performance and low fuel usage. IronDirect price: $42,772.

CR271 Ride-On Vibratory Roller — Features 35.5-by-22-inch (900-by-560 mm) drum, 2,976-pound (13.2 kN) centrifugal force on front drum, 4,000-vpm (67-Hz) frequency, 40-gallon (150-liter) sprinkler, 20.8-horsepower (15.5-kW) Honda engine, high curb clearance, tight turning radius, ROPS, seat belt, chamfered drum edges, and a hydrostatic service brake. Operating weight is 3,265 pounds (1480 kg). Used for small to medium asphalt and soil compaction jobs. IronDirect price: $16,341.

The Sakai PC600 plate compactor.

HS67ST Walk-Behind Roller — Features a heavy-duty, hardened-steel frame, large 7.9-gallon (30-liter) water tank, steerable front 25-by-14-inch (635-by-355-mm) drum, 3,300-vpm (55 Hz) frequency, 2,655-pound (765-kg) centrifugal force and 6.44-horsepower (4.8-kW) Honda engine. Used for small to medium asphalt and soil compaction jobs. Operating weight is 1,655 pounds (750 kg). IronDirect price: $12,824.

SA33L-2 Trench Roller — Features 19,460-pound (86.6-kN) centrifugal force, 25/33-inch (610/838-mm) split-style drums, 1,950-vpm (32.5 Hz) frequency, 24.6-horsepower (18.4-kW) engine, molded polyurethane battery shock mounting with cast dynamic shock absorbers, and a metal engine cover with self-adjusting hood latches. Operating weight is 3,700 pounds (1679 kg). IronDirect price: $32,935.

Plate Compactors — Four models feature Honda engines, easy transportability and a range of plate sizes, impact forces and frequencies.

  • PC600: heavy-duty, hardened 13.8-by-21-inch (350-by-520 mm) steel plate, 6,000 vibrations per minute (100 Hz) frequency, 2,646-pound (11.8-kN) impact force, and 2.8-gallon (10-liter) sprinkler. The PC600 has a folding handle and removable water tank with heavy-duty valve and hose. Operating weight is 147 pounds (66.7 kg). IronDirect price: $1,411.
  • PC600W: Wider 19-by-21-inch (483-by-520-mm) plate than the PC600. IronDirect price: $1,500.

    The Sakai PC150 plate compactor.
  • PC800: Dual belt drive, hardened 20-by-23-inch (500-by-585-mm) plate, 5,820-vpm (97-Hz) frequency, 3,642-pound (16.2-kN) impact force and 1-gallon (3.6-liter) sprinkler. Operating weight is 214 pounds (97.1 kg). IronDirect price: $1,764.
  • PF120: Features a control handle that lifts into locked position for easy transport, heavy-duty, hardened 16-by-24-inch (400-by-600-mm) steel plate, 5,580-vpm (93 Hz) frequency, 5,845-pound (26 kN) impact force and superior shock-absorbing isolators. Operating weight is 271 pounds (123 kg). IronDirect price: $4,176.
  • PF150: Hardened 20-by-28-inch (500-by-700-mm) steel plate, 5,580 vpm (93 Hz) frequency, 6,965-pound (31 kN) impact force, 6.44 horsepower ( 4.8 kW) Honda engine. Operating weight is 300 pounds (136 kg). IronDirect price: $4,294.

Rammers — Three models, RS45, RS65 and RS75, feature high impact forces, superior weight-to-power ratios, weights of 112 pounds (50 kg), 160 pounds (72 kg), and 172 pounds

Sakai RS45 rammer.

(78 kg), and powerful Honda engines. Shoe sizes range from 9-by-13.5 inches (230-by-340 mm) to 11-by-13.5 inches (280-by-340 mm). Impact forces range from 1,466 to 4,498 pounds (6 to 18 kN). IronDirect prices: RS45, $1,871; RS65, $2,352; RS75, $2,647.

Sakai was founded in Japan in 1918 as a manufacturer of diesel locomotives. It began making rollers in 1929. The company began exporting in 1935 and now has product presence in 110 countries. Sakai vibratory rollers were introduced in the North American market in 1976. Sakai America opened its manufacturing plant and headquarters in Adairsville, Georgia in 2001. Sakai compactors are known for durability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs.


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Joe Hanneman, Director of Industry Engagement for IronDirect.

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