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IronDirect Blazes Trail with Online, No-Hassle Pricing

IronDirect takes the uncertainty out of buying new construction equipment with its full pricing transparency, giving buyers a more complete package of information they can use to make purchase decisions. No-hassle pricing is a key part of the IronDirect platform, giving buyers critical early information to gauge total lifecycle costs.

“You will find a fully visible fixed price on every piece of construction equipment at,” said Tim Frank, president of IronDirect. “This sets us apart in the industry. Our platform is designed to save contractors and fleet buyers money — up-front and throughout the life of the machine. Price visibility makes the buying decision approachable and user-friendly.”

All new equipment for sale at has a clearly marked price.

The IronDirect method removes the barrier equipment buyers face when approaching traditional dealer networks. Dealers for big brand names have widely varying retail prices on the same machine models. Dealers set these prices based on their wholesale pricing from the manufacturer, and an estimation of what both the market and individual customers will support. It can be nearly impossible to research pricing without wading into discussions with a dealer salesperson. And there’s no easy way to know what a brand dealer in a different market would quote on the same machine.

IronDirect wants customers and prospects to have complete confidence in the value of the machines they purchase. Being up-front with set pricing is a critical first step. Contractors can validate this information through other customers, through searching used price listings across the internet, and by viewing prices from online and live auctions. “We’re showing our hand,” Frank said, “to demonstrate how much customers can save with the IronDirect platform. This applies both for our value-priced brands and our premium brands. We have confidence in our pricing and customers will, too.”

Fixed, no-hassle pricing has become more prevalent in the auto industry. Warehouse club giant Costco offers a no-haggle new-auto program through alliances with dealers across the country. Costco sold a staggering 465,000 vehicles through these dealer partnerships in 2015. The program has very high customer satisfaction by eliminating the stress-inducing negotiating of traditional dealerships. One participant in the Costco program said it was a “very enjoyable experience buying this truck. No haggling, no BS and a price that was less than my original price I was willing to pay.”

Tesla Motors has a direct-to-consumer business model.

Lexus dealers began rolling out no-haggle pricing earlier this year. The Boston Globe profiled one Lexus buyer: a retired industrial purchasing director, who, surprisingly, hates negotiating auto prices. “I’d rather come in and be relaxed and know what the price is, and not go away wondering if I should have offered $500 less,” he said. Some of the dealers in the no-hassle program have seen increased year-over-year sales. Lexus is providing incentives to move more dealers to the no-haggle pricing model. Toyota has also started offering no-haggle pricing at some of its U.S. dealerships.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors introduced its direct-to-consumer sales model with no-haggle pricing. Tesla’s business model places a premium on the relationship between the brand and the consumer. The lack of intermediary dealers makes Tesla autos more affordable. Tesla has faced strong pushback from franchised auto dealers and some states have banned Tesla from selling direct to consumers.

“Consumers want the best pricing and a stress-free buying experience,” Frank said. “It’s no different with equipment buyers. IronDirect offers the same direct-to-end-user approach with the savings it creates. Not only are we glad to share our prices, they are among our best selling points.”

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Joe Hanneman, Director of Industry Engagement for IronDirect.

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