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Six Ways IronDirect Uses Technology to Lead

IronDirect uses the best in technology to provide total lifecycle cost savings on the purchase, management, support, and resale of construction equipment. The company aims to be what consultant KPMG described as a “cutting-edge visionary” in its recent global construction survey, “Building a Technology Advantage.”

Here are six ways IronDirect uses technology in its business model to make construction equipment purchasing a profitable experience for customers.

E-Commerce — The new platform puts new construction equipment, attachments, used equipment, and parts from premium brands and proven global brands in a convenient e-store with total pricing visibility. Brands include Paladin attachments, Lonking excavators and wheel loaders, Shantui crawler dozers, Magni telescopic handlers, Case IH tractors with Miskin scrapers, and Berco undercarriages and parts. The product lineup will continually expand. The site makes it as easy to buy heavy equipment as it is to buy books and other retail products on sites like Amazon. Parts, extended warranty, services, and accessories are also available in the e-store.

DirecTrac Telematics — Every IronDirect machine comes with pre-installed DirecTrac telematics and three years of wireless service. DirecTrac provides remote monitoring of machine location, operating hours, idle hours, engine parameters, temperatures, battery voltage, fault codes, pressures, and many other indicators. The technology makes it simple to track maintenance schedules, fuel usage, and more. Any machine with a J1939 connector can be hooked up to DirecTrac. Connection kits are available on the IronDirect e-store.

b1a-directassistDirectAssist Mobile App IronDirect developed a mobile app to make it easy for those in the field to get real-time expert support for service and parts issues. The DirectAssist app gives operators, technicians, and owners live access to IronDirect specialists, who have the ability to do a live review of machines in the field to diagnose problems. The app also
makes it easy to exchange manuals and service bulletins and deliver videos, photos, and documents related to IronDirect equipment. The app includes voice, video, and text chat functions.

b1c-qrcodeQR Codes — All IronDirect machines have numerous quick-response (QR) codes affixed to them. QR codes have information embedded into random-looking patterns in a square footprint. They can be read from 360 degrees and are self-correcting, so even if the code is smudged or damaged, it can still deliver data. Anyone with a free QR code reader on their smartphone, or using the QR reader in the IronDirect app, can scan the code to acce ss a “birth certificate” for their IronDirect machine, along with parts serial numbers, a quality-assurance report, key machine specifications, a detailed walk-around video, and other value-added information.


IronDirect uses drones to capture our machines in action so they can be viewed virtually by interested buyers.

Live Virtual Demos — IronDirect’s virtual demonstration program uses video streaming and other technologies to provide prospects with a custom machine presentation in real time via the Internet. Users connect to the IronDirect Customer Experience Center and get a variety of views of a piece of construction equipment in operation. Users speak directly to the IronDirect hosts and can direct what operations or features they want to see. IronDirect uses drones, helmet cam HD video cameras, and live voice connections in one stream to present information and answer any questions customers have.


Online Parts Ordering — A readily available parts supply is crucial to machine uptime, so IronDirect offers both online parts ordering and a 48-hour parts guarantee on select machines in machine-down situations. IronDirect has high parts availability, with parts shipped same day from its 450,000-square-foot warehouse in Columbus, Ohio. Customers have easy access for ordering IronDirect parts via the IronDirect dedicated parts portal. Customers can access parts diagrams, service manuals, and presentations, making it quick and easy to find and order needed parts.

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