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Putting the IronDirect “Virtuous Circle” to Work for You

At its core, the idea behind IronDirect is wonderfully simple and straightforward. We take products, services, tools, and technology that work together to make it safe and easy to buy and manage construction equipment. We then recover maximum residual value at the end of the lifecycle. We call it a “virtuous circle” for one basic reason. IronDirect customers save money on equipment purchases, add savings through our fleet management tools, then extract maximum value when it’s time to retire the equipment. It’s then easy to reinvest those savings in new cost-efficient equipment.

It’s easy to think of it in just two words: save and grow. Let’s take a look at how the virtuous circle works.

Equipment Purchase

XYZ Contractor is looking to buy an excavator. After checking with some brand-name dealers, he logs onto the IronDirect website. After browsing through a selection of premium and value-priced products, where he has full visibility into pricing, he lands on Lonking excavators. The purchase price is substantially lower than the brand names he is used to. Intrigued, he inquires about an IronDirect virtual machine demo (available after October 1). Still sitting at his computer, he can view a real-time walk-around of the excavator and ask questions of the IronDirect expert hosting the demo. At his direction, the excavator operator can dig a trench, refill it, and top-dress the area.

Armed with all of this good information but still wanting to learn more, the contractor arranges a visit to the IronDirect 100-acre experience center in Asheville, North Carolina to see firsthand this Lonking machine as well as hundreds of other machines and attachments. He tries many out during his visit. Impressed with the Lonking power and productivity, he makes the machine purchase online. On the IronDirect website, he adds an extended warranty for his Lonking machines and buys a quick coupler for his Deere and Cat units, and a power auger for his Case skid-steer loader.

Asset Management

XYZ Contractor’s new Lonking excavators are covered upfront with a standard two-year full-machine warranty. He knows he is protected from any unexpected major costs. Using the IronDirect Service Your Way program, he selects his local brand-name dealer to handle any warranty repairs. IronDirect quickly qualifies the dealer and sets it up for warranty payment if repairs become necessary. The excavators include the DirecTrac telematics system, which allows the contractor to monitor uptime, schedule refueling, and plan for routine maintenance. IronDirect also monitors the machines, helping ensure the contractor avoids any downtime.

On a couple of occasions, the operator encounters a minor machine issue on the job site. He quickly connects to an IronDirect technician using the DirectAssist app on his smartphone. Using his phone’s built-in camera, he shows the tech the problem and is given a quick solution. The second time, the problem is more involved. After consulting with the operator via DirectAssist, IronDirect dispatches a service truck from his preferred provider. The part needed to get the machine back in service is pulled from the IronDirect parts center and shipped via overnight courier at no cost to the contractor.

The entire IronDirect system results in strong machine uptime and great performance on job sites.

Investment Recovery

After 7,500 operating hours, the excavators are running great, but the contractor decides it’s time to sell them off. IronDirect puts the excavators before tens of thousands of buyers through a tailor-made, multichannel resale system from its parent company, Liquidity Services. When he purchased those Lonking excavators, XYZ Contractor was automatically enrolled in the Iron Edge program, which provides discounted commission rates on the sale of those used units. It is a much cheaper solution than onsite or online auctions from other companies. Within a short period, the machines are sold and XYZ Contractor obtains a strong residual return. Armed with the savings, he looks to invest in new excavators from IronDirect.

The IronDirect platform is a seamless, turnkey solution for the entire equipment lifecycle. Savings are captured in each section of the virtuous circle. This provides every customer a critical edge against the economy and the competition. Customers build value and increase profit with IronDirect.

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